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May 28, 2019

On this week’s episode, George and James had the honour to have Aleric Heck on the show. Aleric Heck is the Founder of AdOutreach & a YouTube Ad Expert who helps businesses create YouTube Video Ads to get more leads and sales. He grew his first business & YouTube Channel, AppFind to over 400k+ subscribers, and now his YouTube Ads business, AdOutreach, has helped to generated hundreds of thousands of leads & millions of dollars in sales for clients all through YouTube.

Aleric talks about the difference between investing on Facebook ads and on YouTube ads. He also explains how ads on YouTube can be easily reached to an infinite audience and why this is the right time to invest in YouTube ads.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Aleric on today’s episode :

  • How Aleric turned down an irresistible job offer
  • Experimented with YouTube ads
  • How leveraging the YouTube platform has taken Aleric’s business to new heights
  • What motivates Aleric?
  • Aleric’s consistency in growth and what kept him driven
  • The advertiser’s mindset
  • Spending amount on YouTube Ads
  • How to target your audience on YouTube
  • Percentage of people who make purchases based on a YouTube ad

You can reach out and learn more about Ad Outreach here :

Webinar :

Testimonial page :