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Jan 8, 2019

From professional NFL athlete to personal trainer, gym owner, ninja warrior competitor, father, serial entrepreneur and international speaker, Anthony gives us an insight into what’s lead to his success in multiple different aspects of life.

Transitioning the skills and values developed on the Football field to business, Anthony has overcome countless challenges whilst still performing at his best and helping others along the way.

Anthony delves into the mindset required to building a team, a business and a better life, as well as the steps to take to establish your passion and how to reach your own level of success.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Anthony in this episode :

  • The mindset required to build a business.
  • The importance of reflection for growth.
  • How to establish when you need to step back from business to realign.
  • The importance of consistency as a student.
  • Why you must be patient and trust the process.
  • How to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.
  • Why protecting your energy should be a priority.
  • How to establish your passion and identity.
  • How to be content with your own path, situation and identity.
  • How to establish your direction to take in life. for downloadable PDF.

You can find Anthony on Instagram :