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May 21, 2019

Have you been in a position where you freak out and panic when you’ve got ads running on Facebook/Instagram, turning the ad on and off like a headless chicken?

If yes, then this week’s episode is FOR YOU.

On today’s episode, James and George discuss the most demanded topic so far - how the heck do I create a predictable and profitable Facebook ad?

Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode :

1. Advertising Creates Predictable & Consistent Wealth


  • Foundation of your business
  • What skills do you need before you run your ad?
  • Mistakes most people make with Facebook ads
  • Importance of tracking your numbers
  • How do you have a system?


 2. Organic Content Will Only Get You So Far


  • Social media following does not reflect business income
  • Competing with the quality of content
  • Get your content in front of an audience
  • Making massive impact through paid ads


3. Ad Prices Are Increasing, FAST!


  • The importance of moving quickly
  • The Facebook algorithm
  • How to reach more people
  • Importance to utilise social media platform for your business
  • Attention is the most valuable thing