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Aug 27, 2019

Dan Harvey (AKA Passion Dan / AKA The World’s Skinniest Fitness Expert) is a 7 figure entrepreneur who believes that inspiring people deserve a platform to share their skills with the world. His company launched over 50 fitness programs, helping over 114,000 paying clients live a healthier lifestyle.

After hundreds of requests to launch mobile apps for these programs, built PassionApps, a drag-and-drop software to build and launch successful mobile apps. It was originally intended that only’s team would use PassionApps, but after huge demand from the Fit Pro community, Passion finally opened it up to the public in 2019.

PassionApps doesn’t create Mobile Apps, it creates InfoApps. InfoApps are built to convert, keep clients coming back, and generate passive, recurring income for Experts. Now he teaches Fit Pro’s his system for launching a successful online fitness business using PassionApps, with this App Secrets Webinar, and his 30 Day Challenge: The Expert Unleashed Challenge. 

On this week’s episode, Daniel shares his journey with us, discusses why you should never stop working on yourself and why paid marketing is the way to go. 

Here’s what you’ll learn from Daniel on this episode : 

  • Daniel’s journey (3:14)
  • Daniel’s inspiration and background (5:32)
  • How does Daniel’s company stand out from the rest? (9:20)
  • How did Daniel select his niche and why isn’t Passion a general provider (14:22)
  • Why paid marketing is always the way to go (16:47)
  • How do you decide what to focus on? (27:50)
  • How online hate affected Daniel and how to handle it (33:37)
  • Future of technology in the fitness industry (39:37)
  • Freedom (50:10)