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Nov 13, 2018

Are you on a journey you’re not happy with? Are you ready to switch paths and begin building an online fitness business that you love and provides you with unlimited freedom?

In this week's episode Dave Smith, owner of Online Trainers Federation gives James and George an insight into how we went from a home personal trainer to helping fitness professionals scale their online business. Unlike many Dave is still in the trenches running his online fitness business that he uses as a test platform for new ideas before rolling them out to his business clients.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dave in this episode:

  • How to choose which platform to use for marketing.
  • Two important factors for results.
  • The similarities between getting results in training and business.
  • What simple strategy to use to get started online as a coach.
  • When to scale your business and your products.
  • Why picking your niche at the very start of your journey is not always imperative.
  • Why creating a community and a thriving group of similar individuals will allow your business to scale.
  • Why having hundreds of thousands of followers is not crucial for business success.
  • How to increase your value and business growth.
  • The secret to sales.
  • How to determine the products that you deliver online.

Links mentioned in the show : 

Article & Podcast - 1000 True Fans.

The Go - Giver by Bob Burg -

You can find Dave here : and