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Jul 19, 2019

So many online coaches out there have a fear of selling - especially high ticket. They’re usually great at what they do but many just don’t know how to sell their services at a higher price. 

After talking about what a high ticket offer actually is in episode #3 of this mini-series, on this episode, we are going to show you how to sell it. 

We talk about the foundations of selling high ticket so you can develop rockstar confidence in every sales exchange without being pushy or sleazy. We also point out the 7 sins of high ticket selling that most online fit pros are guilty of. 

Here’s what you’ll learn : 

  • Why you should never sell on a maybe 
  • How you can improve your skills in sales from rejections
  • How to sell your offer before you’ve built it 
  • Selling yourself first
  • How to overpower the doubts of the buyer with your conviction
  • Understanding how to communicate the deeper issue when selling 

Also, tune in to find out how you can win 2 x tickets to our London event happening on Friday 6th - Saturday 7th September 2019.