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Jul 26, 2019

“The Grass IS NOT Greener On The Other Side... It’s Greener Where You Water It.”

Building a business is sequential. You don’t put up windows in the house before you lay the foundations. And yet, most people try and do everything at once when they first start their business online. But look at it this way , you don’t run ads or automate your conversion mechanism BEFORE you know people want your offer, hence, on today’s episode we talk you through building a validation funnel.

Here’s what you’ll learn : 

  • The anatomy of a sales funnel
  • What exactly is a validation funnel
  • Components of a validation funnel

You need to be AGGRESSIVE and RELENTLESS in feeding your funnel. Prospects won’t come to you, not especially when you first start out. You must go to them, more on this on the next episode!

Also, do not miss out on the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to our event in London on 6th & 7th September, tune in to find out how.