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May 7, 2019

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Hannah moved to England when she was 17 for university, where her fitness journey began. Within 2 years she transitioned into competitive powerlifting and took the Great Britain and international powerlifting scene by storm; winning the British championships in 2015 and going onto break multiple British records while representing team GB internationally in 2016-2017 where she placed 3rd in the european championships and medaled at the world championships.

Over time, Hannah realized her purpose & passion was in business coaching for fitness coaches, specifically advocating the ‘high ticket’ business model.  Today, she has helped dozens of personal trainers & aspiring online fitness coaches quit their jobs to go full time online.

On today’s episode, Hannah breaks down what is a high ticket offer and how to frame your services around the value you’re providing.

Here is a glance at what you’ll learn from Hannah in this episode :

  • Mindset block and shifts on charging high ticket
  • Importance of believing in your own services
  • Marketing yourself better to charge at better price point
  • How to repackage your offer for high ticket customers
  • Know your clients’ specific pain points
  • How to stand out in this saturated market
  • Launch strategy of “firing before aiming”
  • Investing in yourself to help others
  • Why providing multiple options for clients doesn’t benefit anyone
  • Creating a space for yourself outside the grind

Where to find Hannah :

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Insta :