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Jan 15, 2019

The branding of a business can either propel your business to success or become the limiting factor in it’s growth.

In today’s episode, Mike gives us an insight into his journey from millionaire to broke in the space of a year, and from working every hour possible to a life working on his terms.

From the multiple attempts at starting businesses and consistent investment in self development, Mike had fallen in love with the branding process of starting a business.

Mike began to help small business owners with their branding, but without having much business success until he hit a tipping point when he reached out for help.

By getting support, trusting the process and focusing on one thing, Mike finally had success.

Mike now helps businesses gain clarity on their branding, offer and strategy, and shares his secrets to how you can make a change.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Mike in this episode:

  • How quickly circumstances can change.
  • The impact of heavily investing into self development.
  • How you can reframe your mind during the tough times of business.
  • Why you should trust your gut instinct in business.
  • The power of changing your environment.
  • The process of testing and reviewing your business model.
  • The importance of removing limiting beliefs.
  • The simplicity of business.
  • The common mistakes of brands.