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Sep 10, 2019

23 year old Nick Covey is the founder and CEO of Creture Apparel. A clothing brand dedicated to helping others find and pursue their authentic calling. Through the accumulation of reading over 200 books, being a former professional football kicker, and starting multiple companies throughout college. 

Nick realized that he was pursuing things for the sake of other people, and not for himself. He has now gone on to create one of the most meaningful and impactful clothing brands in the world and live a life of true authenticity. Because of this awakening and realization, he now helps others find their unique talents and gifts from the insights he's learned so they can become a Creture in their own life. 

Nick has spoken to multiple high schools spreading this message and on this week’s episode, we had the opportunity to have him on the show to talk about knowing your why before you start something, the power of mouth and how to take immediate action and implement what you know.