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May 29, 2018

One question to determine your entire life, ARE YOU HAPPY? Discover how your inner conversations and questions determine your entire existence, and what steps you should take to change your unconscious habits into conscious choices so you can change your story.


Stephen Aish, a lifelong martial artist and British Champion weightlifter turned mindset coach gives us an insight into why you should be asking yourself powerful and painful questions, whilst accepting, recognising and taking total responsibility for where you are in life in the present moment.


Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Stephen in this episode:


  • The ONE question you should ask yourself in life.
  • What two things you should be doing to change your life around.
  • Why and when you should pause and reset.
  • Why you do not need permission to establish what makes you happy.
  • Why you should be asking powerful & painful questions.
  • Why you should not be comparing yourself to your role models.
  • How you are sabotaging your self worth.
  • How to set your goals up for other people's success.
  • How playing safe will lead to burnout faster than going all in.
  • Why connection with a client is more important than the program.
  • Why you should be a student of one’s self.