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Feb 12, 2019

From a quiet, sheltered upbringing and ignoring the advice from close friends and family, Tanner Chidester went against all the odds to become a 2 comma club member and millionaire business owner.

Through a crash course in internet marketing and starting his first business, Tanner quickly established that selling low ticket was not allowing him to make a living.

Improving his sales and investing in his growth, Tanner established that paid traffic and high ticket selling was the way forward for him and so many others in business.

Here is a glance at what you will learn from Tanner in this episode:

  • Why you should not work a full time job when starting a business.
  • Why learning sales should be a priority in business.
  • The importance of paid traffic for business growth.
  • Why high ticket trumps low ticket selling.
  • The true cost of a low ticket business.
  • The problem with high ticket selling.
  • The importance of language and your message in sales.
  • Why speed in ROI is important.
  • Why a funnel may not be your answer.
  • Why planning is holding you back.
  • What is holding you back from exponential growth in business.
  • When to hire a member of staff and who.

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