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Oct 30, 2018

Are you struggling to have success with your fitness business? Have you contemplated changing how you structure your pricing and delivery of service? Have you thought about raising your prices? Are you working every hour possible to run your business? Are you confused on where to start?

In this episode, James and George give us an insight into the three core business models that you can employ as a Remote Fit Pro. If you’re brand new or looking to switch to switch up your offerings, this is show for you. Make sure you head across to to download the PDF that accompanies this week’s episode.

Here is a glance at what you’ll learn from James & George in this episode :

  • How you should structure your fitness business when just starting out.
  • How to start an online business without the confusion of tech and software.
  • How to get over the fears of selling high ticket programs.
  • What you could do to get to your freedom number within the next 6 months.
  • When and how you should build a team to help with your business.
  • When to scale your business.
  • How to structure a scalable business.
  • Why you should consider the cons, not the pros of a business model.
  • Why your current following and engagement will help determine which model would suit you best.
  • Why your message and brand is critical for your business success when selling mid to low end products.