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Jan 29, 2019

PT, author and now coaching expert Tim Drummond gives us an insight into how he was able to get national press coverage, leave the gym floor, and begin charging high ticket for his services.

Positioning in the media increased his authority with in person and online clients, enabling him to double his prices and charge for the result he guaranteed.

As Tim grew and progressed in business, he was able to refine his sales and keep building. Tim also delves into how you can improve your sales skills and ultimately help more people.

Now, Tim is transitioning from predominantly sales to habit coaching where he will be sharing his trade secrets for getting incredible results for online clients.

Here is a glance at what you’ll learn from Tim in this episode :

  • What it takes to get published in a newspaper or online.
  • The importance of relationships and connections.
  • The one trait which is incredibly important in life.
  • The ripple effect of positioning and authority within the media.
  • The importance of knowing your worth and the result you deliver.
  • The harsh truth of becoming a popular and successful personal trainer.
  • How to overcome the fear of selling.
  • Why you should be investing in yourself for serious growth.
  • The potential issue within the fitness industry right now.
  • The importance of being vulnerable when coaching and selling.
  • What you need to understand when having a sales call.
  • Why you should seek the activity, where the rejection is the greatest.