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Oct 16, 2018

Have you imagined being able to travel full time whilst running an online business? How would this make you feel if you could do this, and for almost free.

Trevor Wright, gives us an insight into how he has been able to travel to 140+ countries around the world, whilst simultaneously running a travel lifestyle business. After cycling to Argentina from Columbia over a 2.5 year period, Trevor needed to generate cash. Fast forward to now, he teaches other people around the world how to travel for basically free through the Mile Method, utilising credit card bonuses and air miles.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Trevor in this episode:

  • What is drop shipping?
  • What is the Mile Method?
  • Why choose ‘Done For You’ over a course?
  • Why you should be following other businesses in a different sector.
  • Why delivering value and results can be its own marketing strategy.
  • Why creating an irresistible offer should be a priority.
  • Why creating multiple income streams should be a priority.
  • How to utilise credit cards to travel cheap.
  • How to create a side business from your current business.
  • How to travel more countries.

You can reach Trevor from the links below :

Trevor's Website :
Trevor's Facebook :