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Feb 6, 2018

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"There are two things you can do in life. You can sit back and complain how shit things are, or you can look at it and you can use it to your advantage, because it is so shit"


What would happen for you if you held an unwavering belief that you were going to dominate your industry in the next 5 years? In this episode, you’ll discover the highly profitable online business model that Shredded By Science owner Luke Johnson uses to dominate his niche.


Luke runs an online education platform for Fit Pros but has also created his own online training business with 12 coaches working under him. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Luke Johnson in this episode:


  • How to choose the right business model for you so you stop trading time for money even as an online coach.
  • The exact method Luke used to transition out of his gym and into the online world.
  • The power of reaching out to industry leaders and running events to position yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Why you should focus on business principles over trending resources for building a sustainable business that gives you certainty.
  • How to embrace setbacks and create an unfuckable mindset for dominating the fitness industry.
  • The importance of having one avatar and one message that aligns to your personal beliefs when running an online fitness business.


One Liners From The Show:


"You need to get smacked in the face a few times, so you can you learn from that. Most people quit far too easily.”


"I'm looking to dominate. I don't look to compete and play for first, second, or third."


"I’m impatient in my daily actions, but patient in the long term result."


"Make a decision, take an action, then let the action create the emotion; Instead of the emotion creating the action."


"If it's not working. Shut the fuck up and make a change."

"I only compete in shit I win, I stay in my lane. You won't get me writing any blog posts."