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Feb 13, 2018

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It’s time to ditch the vanilla ice cream and pick up the salted caramel. Rahz Slaughter is an owner of multiple fitness studios, motivational speaker, and all round hustler who has built his fitness empire from the most troubled beginnings. Born into a family where his mother suffered from addiction and his Dad was never there, Rahz shares the hard hitting truths on what it takes to cut it in today’s world.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Rahz in this episode:

How being born into a dysfunctional family with a physical disability motivated him to make a greater impact in this world.

The biggest problem with fitness professionals today and why so many are failing.

His highly persuasive 11 minute sales process that converts prospects to clients every single day.

Why “buying speed” trumps everything else in today’s marketplace.

The exact process he uses to structure his days and create fully systemised businesses that allow him to take time off when he wants.

The greatest mistakes he has made in his career to date and how you can avoid making them too.