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Feb 27, 2018

If you’re a personal trainer who thinks you need a better strategy to explode your online business you are dead wrong. Competitive bodybuilder, best selling author, and fitness entrepreneur Phil Graham is about to lay down some cold hard facts about what it takes. It’s time to thicken your skin, buckle up, and get ready for what could be the most powerful 60 minutes of mentoring you’ll get all year.


Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Phil in this episode:

  • The importance of internal questioning for rapid growth.
  • Why living from your senses is a sure fire way to get lost, overwhelmed, and depressed.
  • How the BBC tried to stitch Phil up and failed.
  • Why you should reassess your goal of becoming an Instagram Influencers.
  • Why seeking humilation is a bizzare but effective way of self improvement.
  • How Phil became a published author and the go-to authority in his niche.
  • Why starting your day right is the essential to developing a bomb proof mindset.
  • Why creating a 6 or 7 figure PT business is a fantasy for most.
  • The biggest mistake that Phil made on his journey thus far.


One Liners From The Episode:


“Seek humiliation and expect it. Once your humiliated to a fucking large level you change instantly.”


“When I see an influencer with great looks and a great body, the only thing they’re going to influence me on is which trainers I’m going to buy in JD. They are not going influence any decisions in my life. They are not going to inspire me.”


“It’s 30% business, it’s really about understanding who you are.”


“A leader doesn’t always have to be ruthless.”


“When you get to a level where you really don’t give a fuck. Like really don’t give a fuck. It’s so liberating and the energy you create is boundless.”


“98% of trainers will not survive. They are all fucking wimps.”


“Unfollows are great because they’re the people who are not interested in what you have to say. And if you get upset by that shame on you because you want to create a business and life that fits their little bubble. Fuck that. No chance.”


“I’m the sat nav... I’ve dealt with all the same stuff as all struggling PT’s and overcame it.”


“I want to be balanced. I don’t want to be positive or negative.”


“Invest in a mentor who you like.”


“You can’t compare yourself to anyone. If you’re comparing yourself to other people you don’t know your purpose and you’re living by your senses. When you live by your senses you get lost.”


“I’m straight down the middle. If I don’t like you I don’t like you; but I always have your best interests at heart.”


“I never openly reached out to someone saying I need help and guidance, I never did that and I tried to do stuff myself. The reason I did that is because I wanted to appear big balls. And I wanted to make sure I knew everything, I wanted to correct everyone, and I was right. That cost me a lot of money, nearly my life a few times, it cost me a lot of problems with myself that I could of overcome quicker”.