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Apr 30, 2019

Ashley Crooks is a leading female body composition expert in the UK who is responsible for the transformation of 1,000’s of women from everyday mums, to bikini competitors, to the higher performer career driven women who know want to look incredible, but also need to manage time, stress and other commitments. Over the last 7 years he has built a 6 figure personal training business before transitioning to a full time online service at mid 6 figures, with revenue growing each month.

On today’s episode, Ashley shares his entrepreneurial journey with us and how resilience and consistency over the years will pay off.

Here is a glance at what you’ll learn from Ashley in this episode :

  • How Ashley got into high coaching
  • Importance of creating amazing experience and get results for clients online
  • Creating accountability with clients
  • Takeaways from transitions of income
  • Why investing in the long game is important
  • How to deal with online hate
  • Ashley’s key business principles
  • Understanding your client’s root problem to provide immense value
  • Having a fancy website does not help you grow your business  
  • There’s only 1 way to be good at sales

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