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Apr 3, 2018

Simon Hall is owner of one of the UK’s most respected online fitness companies, Body Composition Coaching, where he and his team transform the lives of his clients using a signature 3 C method - Community, Communication, Clarity.


On this episode George and James discover what Simon considers to be the silver bullet of business success, which is going to shock a lot of listeners.


Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Simon in this episode:


  • Why Simon wakes up everyday and asks himself; ‘How am I going to put myself out of business today?”
  • The World’s Most Expensive Coffee: Why Simon chooses to fly across the world for a cup of coffee with his mentors instead of buying their courses.
  • The moment that Simon decided to stop being a in person PT and go all in on his online dream.
  • The one thing that Simon completes every week without fail and attributes to his success.
  • Energy Balance Quadrant: What to focus your energy on for maximum returns.
  • Although mindset is important, soulset trumps it everytime.
  • Why having a mission is so important and when to abort your current one.