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Jul 2, 2019

Will Nelson is a former personal trainer and online coaching. Having been in the fitness industry all of his life his mission and purpose in life is to give back to the industry that’s given him everything by helping more Fit Pros create more income, impact, and freedom with their online businesses. 

Success was not handed to Will on a silver platter but that did not stop him from creating his own by taking massive risks. On this episode, Will talks about why so many fit pros are in fear of charging what they’re really worth, habitual differences of people who are willing to take the leap vs those who are not and why everyone should invest in themselves.

Here’s what you’ll learn from Will on this episode :

  • How Will got into being an entrepreneur (3:40)
  • Expectation on the online fit pro industry vs reality (7:30)
  • What are the biggest issues that are holding people back (10:40)
  • Building blocks for building a real business (19:00)
  • Power of outsourcing to realise zone of genius (26:00)
  • Importance of investing in yourself (35:44)
  • 3 main golden nuggets / takeaway (41:27)
  • What does freedom mean to Will (46:30)


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